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What could be better than to have safe, secure and lightening-speed access to a nationwide, pre-qualified, FDIC-insured investment marketplace? Maybe the same access, but without the cost of outrageous third party or broker fees that can significantly reduce your yield. Ask the banks, credit unions and other institutional investors who’ve worked with us and they’ll tell you: whether it’s to attract deposits or grow excess liquidity, the DRS experience is all about the best possible yield for you at the touch of a click.

Our company has worked long and hard to identify and approve institutions to ensure optimal interest margins for our clients which makes us the ultimate one-stop investment resource for online, non-brokered CD investing. Not only can we easily provide investors with top rates, but we can also deliver access to banks for same-day, non-collateralized national public funds and large block brokered DTC eligible CDs for diversified, complementary assets.

What we offer:

  • Overview of the most competitive rates.
  • Freedom to deal directly with your institutions of choice
  • Unlimited, no-fee, no-cap transactions
  • Comprehensive support from a trained, highly knowledgeable customer service team
  • Full assurance of online privacy, safety and security
  • Easy, paperless process with regularly scheduled email notifications of receipts, renewals, confirmation and market changes
  • Expert portfolio management services.
  • Streamlined tracking system for accurate monitoring.
  • Total compliance with and adherence to FDIC guidelines and other regulatory bodies as a non-brokered Direct Deposit CD listing service

With all of these benefits at your fingertips, why wait? Contact the team at DRS today and start securing your financial future with the best niche market investment opportunities available. You have our promise: we’ll put your money to work, and fast.

Easy generation of safekeeping receipts and renewals by issuing banks.

Instant email confirmations.

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