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Store information of any kind, and get the reports you need. 


Microsoft Access with or without MS SQL Server

   From the most simple data project to complex menu driven applications, we will make this your  program doing what you want. Access is a powerful, flexible, data management platform that can be tailored to your needs, and we can design the tables, queries, reports and forms to your specifications.

  • Whole programs or small projects
  • Data transfer
  • Task automation
  • Database programming
  • Database repair
  • Data analysis /data mining

  Stop using Excel sheets for data ! Rather, you can have data entry forms that make sense to your staff. You can easily query this data and you can print reports that impress your clients or help your people work. More, we can embed business logic or math behind the forms - Access then is the tool we use to make a whole program to your design.

  We are experts in all aspects of Access; table design, application programming,  database repair, user training, data conversion, moving a system from one machine or network to another, scaling up to MySQL or SQL Server, and moving your data onto the web. We have supported and enhanced applications written by others, and are pleased to step in to advance older or troubled projects.

  Access is the ideal tool, combining a rich graphical front end with a powerful programming language.  From the smallest table and report designs to the most complex front end Access / backend SQL Server application,  we can solve your problems.

  We have written hundreds of programs, from bar code systems for FDA drug trials to recipe systems for plastic manufacturing; invoicing, form printing,  contact management  -  we can probably do your project as well. Some of our Access work:

 The  Hammel New York warehouse needed a custom inventory system...with bar coding and web integration. It would need to be fast, with custom reports; and it would need to push it's data up onto the web so that salesmen and the front office could see what was on hand.

  To do this we read the data files and programmatically create an HTML web page with the data embedded. Using the Microsoft schedule program we FTP the new web page to a secure password protected web site. All of this was done by us in Access. Here is a screen shot of some of the major menu pages and the order entry system and the inventory page.

  Long Island Builders Institute needed a database system to track 600 members; not a great matter, you say ? But these builders had scores of  meetings, (and members who  wished to be informed when and where they were, and the main office wanted records )  and contributed to various funds, and printed various books of members and their services , and wished to share some of this data on the web ... All of this was done by us in Access.

  What started out as a simple table grew over 4 years into scores of tables and perhaps 100 reports and queries. Here's a screen shot of a typical Access report from this project, along with a list box giving a choice for the town to draw the data from.

Run your whole business:

  Splash Designs of  Manhattan represents designers and sends out  artist's prints to clothing manufactures, and needs to track which artist produced them, where they were shipped and when they should be returned. This subsystem integrates with a 6000 record database of clients and contacts, along with a proprietary calendar/appointment system. Running on an 11 station LAN, Splash now runs it's business on our software. Here's a screen shot of the main data management page.

Or just manage the essential part:

  Debticated Consumer Services has thousands of clients, all making payments to get out of debt ... we designed and wrote a system for tracking these clients, their payments, and the support staff servicing them. We then wrote a system for calculating payments. This system drew from a table of thousands of creditors , each with it's own payment rates and discounts. Done in Access, this calculator is used by 5 to 10 staff  on  a network simultaneously, demonstrating the power of MS Access . The system saved tens of thousands of dollars in clerical error, and has  greatly enhanced staff productivity .

  Here's a screen shot of the payment calculation page. Note that we have here a mixture of data and behind the scenes math. The user chooses a creditor, and then enters the amount; the program (driven by our coded instructions) then makes calculations and summations. Nothing very complex here ( though very effective for the client); we could have just as easily done far more complex calculations of a financial, statistical or scientific nature.

  Cablevision Corporation needed to allow itís business units to modify employee data  prior to uploading all staff into an EIPP (electronic invoice processing) system. We took data stored in Oracle, brought it into Access, and designed a front end for easy changes to four associated tables. Our system allowed the creation and tracking of chains of responsibility and invoice routing through the company. Some units preferred modifying data in Excel, and we downloaded data into sheets and wrote code to validate data as it was brought back into Access. A screen shot of the main form doesnít do justice to the complexity of the project and back end code.

   ADM (Archer Daniels Midland Company) buys and sells commodities and has a subsidiary dedicated to such trading on Wall Street. Billing was still being done in Excel spreadsheets, involving much manual formatting of the invoices. We designed and wrote an invoicing program. Using business rules (proprietary; but we can show you a screen shot with our test data) embedded in the software much higher efficiencies were reached.

   Our WAN work for  ULC Robotics demonstrates two ways to allow your firm access to Access offsite ;VPN or Terminal Server. We created an Access database (proprietary) ; the firm  grew and needed to allow roaming field reps with laptops into the data. These methods allow you to stay with Access ; no need to re-write a web based solution, or go to a SQL sever (though we can do that too)  

  We are experts in data integration; a recent example involved Quickbooks accounting software, UPS shipping software and MS Access as an intermediary. Out client was producing invoices with a web based system and then doing lots of hand data entry work. We automated the system; wrote code and created a program for him; it brought data and invoices  down from the web into Access, allowed him to mark each as shipped via UPS (and we then uploaded it into the UPS application) or the US Mail ( we then printed labels) and then sent the invoices automatically into Quickbooks. "This saved me 5 hours a day in manual data entry" said the client.

 These are a just a few out of the hundreds of applications we have written, many not in Access but in one of the many other database environments out there.


  When to go beyond Access ?


  While based in Suffolk County on Long Island, New York, we have made and supported software and networks for firms in New York City , Connecticut, New Jersey, and Florida - and would be happy doing the work anywhere we travel - from Europe to Asia to South America.

   Call or email for a free quote.  How can we help organize your business better ?

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